Demonstrations, Attachments and LINKs for Substantive Change Application 4-2017

Benchmark I.B1: Program Goals 1.5

Demo I.C5.1-4 process to monitor and evaluate student achievement

Demo 1.C51-f

Benchmark II.A1: Discrete Units (2.1)

Benchmark II.A1: Discrete Units (2.2)

Benchmark II.A3: Essential Competencies

Benchmark II.C1 (2.10):

Demo I.C5.1.c:

Benchmark II.A1: Discrete Unit (2.1):

Benchmark II.B1: Syllabi

Benchmark II.B2: Learning Activities

Benchmark II.B2-10

Benchmark II.D1: Curriculum Review

Other Benchmarks in Standard II 2-12

Benchmark III.B2: Faculty Training

Benchmark III.C2: Faculty-as-a-Whole Adequacy

Benchmark IV.D2: Technology Plan

Standard IV Benchmark D6:

Benchmark V.C2: Administrative Functions

Benchmark V.D1: State Authorization

Benchmark V.C2: Compliance with Federal Regulations 6.5

Other Benchmarks in Standard V

Benchmark VI.B1: Technical Support for Distance Education Students

Benchmark VII.A2: Enrollment Agreements:

Benchmark VII.B1: Truth in Advertising:

Benchmark VII.B2: Public information

  1. Progress through the curriculum NCM Handbook, pages 16-18
  2. Required equipment and books NCM Handbook, page 7
  3. Learning sites NCM Handbook, page13
  4. Grading NCM Handbook, pages 12-13
  5. Technology Required NCM Handbook, Page 9

Other Benchmarks in Standard VII

Demo VII.A1.1 Criteria, and policies and procedures for the selection and admission of students:

Benchmark VII.C2 Policies and procedures are established which address academic honesty.

Benchmark VII.D3.1

Benchmark VIII.B1: 8.2:

Benchmark VII.B2: Public information

Other Benchmarks in Standard VII

VII.C2 academic honesty

VII.D2.1 New required student evaluation:


Benchmark VIII.B1: Awarding Academic Credits 8.2

admissions rubric