NCM Graduation Dates:

Please contact NCM office for graduation advisement at least 4 months prior to desired graduation date

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the NCM office has received all program requirements including any official NARM or other approved test results in our office by one of the graduation dates above. NCM processes graduations three times per year.  Students should expect to receive their graduation packets approximately 1 month following the graduation date.

The graduation packet includes:
Official Letter
Final Transcript
An official sealed transcript
Graduate survey

Special Requirements for ASM Graduation and the NARM Exam:

Outside Examination:
Passing an outside examination is a requirement for the issuance of The Associate of Science in Midwifery (ASM) degree.  The candidate must submit evidence of successful completion of a state midwifery licensing examination, a state midwifery association examination, or a national midwifery examination.  The student is responsible for all expenses, requirements and prerequisites for taking outside exams. Most students take the NARM exam, but NCM will also accept Canadian Midwifery licensing exam, the ACNM exam, and others (Please ask NCM about specific exams).

Eligibility to Take the NARM Exam:
ASM Students must have completed all ASM program requirements and all ASM academic and clinical coursework must be on file with NCM before requesting permission to take the NARM exam.  NCM highly recommends that the student requests an evaluation of her/his file and an updated student record in advance of requesting permission to take the NARM exam to ensure all completed coursework is correct and has been received by the office.

Applying to take the NARM Exam:
ASM Students must apply directly to NARM to take the Exam, AND obtain permission to test from the College.

NARM Exam Application:

NARM Exam Permission Packet-Obtaining Permission from NCM to take the NARM Exam:


*The Deadline is the day the student’s request arrives in NCM’s office, NOT the day it was postmarked.  Please send items early to ensure they arrive in NCM’s office by the deadline above. Although the dates of the exam may vary, the NCM deadlines to have all paperwork completed and into the NCM office remains the same.

What happens after the Exam:

  1. Student must ask NARM to send results to NCM.
  2. Student completes the Graduate / Exit Survey at
  3. Student sends notification to NCM of any forms or items that they need from NCM to apply for licensure in a state. For example, for California license application, students need to complete the top part of California Form L-12 and send it to NCM, so that NCM can complete the rest and send official transcript and degree to CA Medical Board as part of gradute's licensure application. (All states have different requirements. Please contact the licensing agency directly for the application and requirements. Contact information for all states can be found at:, or through a search at Career One Stop website.

Associate of Science in Midwifery Degree Awarded:

On the next NCM graduation date following:

Certificate in Midwifery Awarded:
A Non-MEAC accredited certificate will be supplied for students who have completed all ASM requirements, but do not take or fail the outside examination. If a student fails the outside exam or decides to take it at a later time, the student may be required to complete additional clinical and/or academic requirements in order to satisfy the requirements of the testing organization, and to be awarded the ASM degree by NCM.

Licensing and Certification Post Graduation
Graduation does not guarantee midwifery licensure. It is each student's responsibility to keep current with the laws of the state or country in which they are studying and to fulfill the licensure requirements in the jurisdiction in which they plan to apply for licensure and practice.

Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)
The student applies directly to NARM for this credential.  The College will send a copy of the student’s final transcript to NARM upon graduation at the student’s request (This is included in one of the forms in the NARM Exam Permission Packet).   

State Licensure
Students apply directly to their state(s) for licensure.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify NCM, provide instructions and necessary forms for any special requirements that the student would like NCM to provide to their chosen exam, certification, or licensing organization.  It is recommended that the student provide the College with the requirements prior to graduation so that the College can complete them during the graduation process.
California students should send in Form L12 from their licensure packet to the College.   Please remember to fill out the top portion.