REQUIRED End of Trimester Evaluation forms:

to be completed by the STUDENT:
Student Evaluation
to be completed by the PRECEPTOR:

Preceptor Evaluation

to be completed by the GENERAL EDUCATION SUPERVISOR:

Gen-Ed Final Grade Approval Worksheet


Approved General Education Supervisors and General Education Preceptors Policy

In order to ensure that NCM students have their learning needs met through adequate faculty the following policy has been developed for general education courses.

For all courses with prefixes other than “MW” these courses are known as General Education (GE) courses. All GE courses must be taught by a General Education preceptor/instructor, these instructors do not need to be midwives, but NCM will only accept preceptors who:

General Education instructors will be supervised by approved faculty or can petition for exception. (All supervising faculty are pre-approved as a General Education instructor in their general or specific subject area.) Supervising faculty must have

Preapproved general and specific subject supervisor degrees are listed in Table 1 .

General education faculty is encouraged to communicate with their supervisor about any questions they have concerning material, adult learning strategies, and general mentoring of students. General education faculty members who have a student in any given trimester must communicate with their supervisor regarding their academic interactions. This communication must be documented and forwarded to the college and kept in the preceptor file. Required communication is as follows:

  1. Document of graded assignments must to be forwarded to the supervisor via email, fax, or online platform.
  2. Final grade will be approved in consultation between the general education faculty and their supervisor.
  3. Documentation of the above is completed using the Gen-Ed Final Grade Approval Worksheet (


Additional Evaluations & Forms-Not Required

Form Description
Credit Value Assessment Form Course Credit Value Assessment - Did the amount of time needed for the student to complete each course meet the time requirement stated on the syllabus? (1 Academic Credit=15 hours Formal Study + 30 Hours Informal Study)
Services & Policies Evaluation Form Complete this if you have any recommendations for NCM Services & Policies
Curriculum Evaluation & Review Form Complete this if you have any recommendations for the NCM courses you have worked on with your student.
Information Change Form Complete this if there are any changes to your contact info, name, etc.
Suggestions or Comments Form Complete this if you have additional comments or suggestions.
Complaints See Complaints section of NCM Catalog/Handbook