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Elizabeth Gilmore 1947-2011
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Students must begin using these updated materials and forms as of January 2012.

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Posted 9/18/14

Edenway Birth Center in Cleburne, Texas currently has an opening for a full time apprenticeship (or an advanced student ready for primary care). We are looking for a motivated, committed midwifery student who is passionate about learning, serving, and loving on others in our growing home and birth center practices. We offer a rigorous clinical program to compliment your academic schooling. You will have the opportunity to cross train and learn various personal styles of midwifery from CPMs in our fantastic natural birth community. For more information or to apply:

Melody Morrow: 817-507-3295 / (phone call preferred) Serious inquires only please

Posted 8/28/14

Prospective student in search of preceptor in the southeast Georgia area.
Please call at (912) 272-0778 or e-mail at:

Posted 8/27/14

Join a Midwifery Study Group with Academic Preceptors based out of Chula Vista CA.

The Midwifery Study group is starting a new cohort this December 2014 and will meet every other month in Chula Vista Ca. to go over modules, practical skills and testing.
Must be enrolled in NCM and pay academic preceptor monthly fee of $200.
This is a great opportunity for students who would like to focus on the academic modules before beginning their clinical experience. You do not have live in Southern Ca. but willing to travel every other month for a 4 day weekend for class.
Contact Darynee Blount

Posted 8/26/14

Hello, I am seeking a midwife preceptor. Willing to travel to you. Please email if you have an open position.

Posted 6/30/14

Hello. I am looking for preceptors who are in need of student help near the Tennessee border of NC. I have nine years of experience as an RN. I will be certified as a birth doula this year. Plan to apply to school this year. Please email @

Posted 6/23/14

I am a NARM approved preceptor in the DFW area,  am on staff at the new Grapevine Birthing Center and have privileges at Gentle Beginnings Birth Center in Hurst and Keller, Texas.

DFW is a rich environment with the largest Birthing Network in the country - TCBN. We have excellent in-hospital relationships, co-care options with CNMs in hospital, doulas, birth educators from every end of the spectrum and more. 

I am looking for a full-time apprentice and was hoping you would forward my information on to students. 

Please contact me with any questions, 

Jenee Ohrvall, CPM, LM

Posted 6/23/14

Wanted student ASAP

We are looking for a student to move ASAP to beautiful Bend Oregon.

Free temporary Housing available.
 Opportunity for Primary Student.
 Lots of “hands on experience” in fast-growing practice.

 Student Midwife Requirements:
·      Be available for 4 prenatal days and weekly chart review
·      Be on-call for births, with prearranged times off
·      Commit to a year apprenticeship
·      Be available for postpartum visits as needed
·      Be Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR certified
·      We accept both MEAC and PEP students

 What we offer:
·      A busy practice with 4-8 births a month
·      Experience doing MANA stats
·      Weekly chart review to discuss births and client care, workshop skills, and ask any questions
·      We have office visits 4 days a week Monday – Thursday
·      We do 6 postpartum visits: home visits on day 1,3 and 7 and office visits at 2, 4, and 6 weeks. 
·      Experience in outreach to Spanish speaking communities
·      Experience lobbying for midwifery rights and access: in OR we are losing our Medicaid coverage and I plan to work hard to get this back and better than before

If interested, please send a birth experience resume and cover letter telling us about yourself to or by mail to Bend Birth Center.


Posted 5/15/14

Hello! My name is Amanda. I am looking for a preceptor in California. San Bernardino, LA, and OC area. Please email me @

Posted 5/13/14

Hello.  My practice in Berkeley California is seeking a new midwifery student.  We are a two-midwife practice and book 5-6 planned home births per month.  Can you please let me know how I can get the word out to your students who may be looking for clinical experience in the Bay Area?  Thank you.
Michelle Edgar, LM

East Bay Homebirth Midwifery

At Home Fertility

Posted 5/6/14

Hi! My name is Imani. I am 20 years old and am looking for a preceptor/lay midwife to apprentice/assist/job shadow. I am very excited about midwifery and am willing to throw myself into the work. Unfortunately I have never seen a birth and hope to remedy that! I have no current obligations and a reliable car. I live in King County of Washington State. Please contact me at

Posted 5/5/14

I'm an RN in Kitsap County, WA
seeking the MEAC approach to licensing. 
I'm compassionate, loyal, hard working and respectful. I don't smoke and I do have adequate transportation. 
If you're within 45 minutes of Silverdale/Bremerton, WA and 
would like to add a part-time apprentice (Summer or Fall 2014 and beyond), please contact Mandy at

Posted 3/20/14

I want to put feelers out for a preceptor in/near Oakland, CA.  I'd like to start studying fall 2014.  Thank you for info!

Juliette Nolan


Posted 3/12/14

Clinical training opportunities are available at NOVA Natural Birth Center in Chantilly, Virginia. We are accepting applications for immediate placement in our program.

We offer diverse learning opportunities and a supportive learning environment at NOVA Natural Birth Center. If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please complete our online application.

Click to Apply Online!

NOVA Natural Birth Center
703.357.3808 (Office)

click here for more information

Posted 3/5/14

Currently studying under a midwife in Ohio and looking for a primarily home birth based apprenticeship to beginning in the fall. Interested in Oregon but open to any opportunities.

Posted 3/3/14

My name is Cait Murphy and I'm interested in doing a PEP approach towards midwifery. I have done loads of self-study but believe it is time for some hands on training. I am looking for a preceptor in Denver or the surround areas. I prefer being able to bring my 10&1/2 month old with me but may be able to find childcare for him while working.
Thank you.

Posted 3/3/14

We have a very busy year ahead of us and could use some immediate help in March. If you are looking for clinicals with a busy practice come and check us out. We are in Utah.
Or contact Heather 801-615-1733

Posted 11/12/13

Home4Birth is currently seeking to add a full-time student to our practice! If you are ready to commit to 4 years of full-time service to amazing women and families, please consider learning more about becoming part of our team.

Click here for more info

Home4Birth, LLC

Posted 10/2/13

Bend Birth Center has immediate opening for an advanced student! Come to beautiful Oregon!

Student Midwife Requirements:
·      Be available for 2-4 prenatal days and weekly chart review
·      Be on-call for births, with prearranged times off
·      Commit to a year apprenticeship
·      Be available for postpartum visits as needed
·      Be Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR certified
·      We accept both MEAC and PEP students

Special Circumstances:
We are in the process of moving to a new and larger space, which will offer a very modest student living area.  There is a single room in the basement of the birth center that is moderately well lit by sunlight. 

What we offer:
·      A busy practice with 4-8 births a month
·      Experience doing MANA stats
·      Weekly chart review to discuss births and client care, workshop skills, and ask any questions
·      We do 6 postpartum visits: home visits on day 1,3 and 7 and office visits at 2, 4, and 6 weeks. 
·      Experience in outreach to Spanish speaking communities

If interested, please send a birth experience resume and cover letter telling us about yourself to Yesenia Guzmán at or by mail to Bend Birth Center.

Posted 9/4/13

Have you been a student midwife? Are you interested in participating in research regarding your experience as a student?

If so, please follow the link below to learn more about being involved in this important study:

Thank you so much for your time and interest!

Be well. In gratitude, Lisa

Posted 7/16/13

Apprentice position at Dawning Life: Our two full-time apprentices are both needing to go to part-time, and so my midwifery partner and I are looking for another part-time/full-time apprentice. :-) 

Our practice is located in the greater Atlanta/N. Georgia area and is a busy one, we do two days of prenatals per week and on average 7-8 births a month. Which means loads of clinical experience, but it can also be more than a full time job and so we have opened up part-time apprenticeship opportunities as well.

With our current practice structure a part-time apprenticeship would mean one day a week of prenatal appointments and about 2-3 births a month, with usually an additional 1 day a week to do homevisits and then postpartums as needed. This is not a fast-track of catching babies, but a true apprenticeship. You will gain experience in all aspects of midwifery, how to run a practice, continuity of care, and participate in births managed by very competent midwives and of course eventually catching and then taking on primary under supervision births.

If anyone is interested please email or call me for more information. :-)


Debbie Schneider, CPM

Posted 6/17/13

Academic Preceptor has room for more students.  If you are looking for an academic preceptor, please contact me. My name is Sue Turner and I opened my midwifery practice birth center/homebirth 17 years ago.  I have been a preceptor for NCM for nine years.  I really enjoy teaching and would like to assist you in getting your academics completed. BLS instructor, ALSO certified. You can contact me via email at or phone me at my office (805)667-2229.

Posted 6/13/13

For BGW Home Birth Care ( and we are looking for serious, committed, assistant or experienced student to join our team.
Must be certified and current in NRP and CPR. Have reliable transportation, childcare (if needed) and able to attend one prenatal day a week along with any births and postpartums.
Experienced assistant will be paid. Students are not paid. I am not NARM approved preceptor yet, but close. Willing to build relationship with interested person and work from there.
If anyone interested in working with a practice with 2-3 ladies a month, please contact me at or 540-295-2186. I do have cottage, next to my home, that is my office, but could be used as housing for someone. Thanks!

Doran Richards, CPM
maidenhood - maternity - menopause
540-295-2186 or 888-218-2453

Posted 5/6/13

NCM preceptor, Cassaundra Jah, has written a new book, Many Paths, One Journey: Becoming a Certified Professional Midwife.
Written with a grounded voice and combining current, well-researched information, personal stories, and perspectives from other midwives and students, this book gives you the knowledge you need to get started on your journey to becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. This book covers the requirements and different routes to certification and details your options for academic and clinical training to get there. This book also gives practical information on developing and following an academic plan of study in midwifery; the tools, equipment, and resources you will gather along the way; and transitioning from apprenticeship to being a practicing midwife.

Posted 4/29/13

 Midwifing the Midwife

We all know that Birth is an amazing rite of passage.
So, too, is becoming a midwife!  As a student midwife, you are birthing yourself into a whole new way of being in the world.  It’s an intense intellectual process, AND a transformative process on all levels
I offer:
Academic precepting for AA, BS, MS students
---mentoring of the mind
Deep Mentoring of the midwife
---mentoring of the heart and soul
---supporting the midwife to birth herself in being in the world in a bigger and more magnificent way.

If this resonates with you, contact
Ellen Grossman, CNM, MS at or 707-391-9901

I started out as a DEM in 1986, after graduating with a BA in Psychology and Sociology from UC Berkeley and received my CNM and MS at UCSF in 1990.  I practiced in a combination homebirth/hospital birth practice in Cambridge, MA, and started a Medi-Cal  clinic in Ukiah, CA.  I have precepted students for 20+ years.
As nurse-midwife, ceremonialist, shamanic practitioner, I have supported women as they have sweated and labored to birth their life force into the world, as they have faced fears, and plumbed depths to find treasures they didn’t know they possessed.

Posted 4/22/13

Erika Urban, CPM, LM is looking for a student to join her practice, Urban Birth. Apprenticeship will be an unpaid position. The student will be expected to attend all prenatal appointments, postpartum visits, births, and also spend some time doing administrative tasks for the practice. Prenatal days are currently Tuesdays from 9am-4pm and Thursdays from 4pm-8pm in Mankato, MN. Often, home visits are scheduled for Wednesdays. The student will be expected to have availability 24/7 to attend births or any other appointments that come up. The student must also become NRP certified and CPR certified within the first 3 months of apprenticeship and must keep these certifications current throughout the training time. Urban Birth serves, mainly, the rural area of South Central Minnesota and South West Minnesota. For this reason, the student needs to live within 30 minutes of Mankato. An ideal candidate will have already begun a midwifery program. 

Student must have reliable transportation for attending both appointments and the births. Please keep in mind that it is not unusual to travel 100 miles one-way for a birth and the home visits. A cell phone and reliable childcare (if applicable) are also required. At this time, the Urban Birth practice cares for approximately 20-30 women a year.

If you are interested in the position of a student in the Urban Birth practice, please send a resume of your experience that is relevant to midwifery care and a cover letter explaining your interest and what you can bring to the practice to:

Posted 4/15/13Beginning Midwifery Intensive in Haiti!
Mamababy Haiti ( is an International NARM approved clinical site. We are hosting a Beginning Midwifery Intensive from July 7th to August 8th, 2013.
This four-week intensive course will equip you with the beginning skills and knowledge needed to start your path to midwifery off right!
This is a great opportunity to be immerse in another culture and experience midwifery in a true sense, while providing care to a community of very deserving women.
Skills learned will include: vital signs, beginning prenatal care, newborn care and exams, labs, and much more! You will have the opportunity to participate in births as well. You will have some light academic work, reading assignments and discussion time. Join us in our busy clinic and begin your path to midwifery with us!
For more information please contact us at

Posted 3/28/13


Mother Health International is offering two weeks of intensive study, review and test prep with three experienced midwives on hand to address your unique needs and make sure you are prepared as possible.
Dates: July 8th- 20th, 2013 for August test takers AND January 5th-18th for February test takers.

Apprentice in Uganda!
Mother Health International has a NARM approved birth center located in Atiak, Uganda.

Click Here for information sheet

For more information please email: Rachel@motherhealthinternational.org

Posted 2/25/13

Academic Preceptor Available
Are you looking for an academic preceptor as you begin or continue your studies with NCM?  I am a licensed midwife from Washington State with 9 years of clinical practice in home birth, birth center and hospital birth.  I have precepted students enrolled in various MEAC accredited midwifery programs, and have been a NCM academic preceptor since 2010.  A preceptor-student relationship from a distance will be maintained through email, postal mail, and phone calls.  I enjoy mentoring the next generation of midwives, providing supportive feedback and open communication with my students.  Please call or email me if you would like to talk further.  Gretchen Jones, LM,  360-496-0303

Posted 2/14/13

 Licensed homebirth midwife and experienced preceptor with NCM, looking for a new student in the Northern NJ area.  I graduated from NCM in 2008. Would prefer some experience in the new student, but am open to the possibility of a greener one depending on the fit. I am in a solo practice with about 30+ births per year. I run my practice from my home in Upper Montclair, NJ. Please contact me via email:

Posted 1/14/13 Pacific Natural Birth, LLC, a small licensed midwifery practice in Seattle, is looking for a midwife to join, first on a contractual basis with potential to become a partner, in this successful start-up practice.
The ideal candidate is excited about midwifery, has at least a year post grad experience, a willingness to commit to business ownership and is available to start in April.  The details of co-ownership will be discussed during a trial period which is to be spent confirming that the contracted midwife fits in well at the practice.
If you are intrigued by this opportunity and would like to discuss the possibilities further, please reply to

Posted 1/8/13 Seeking a mature and committed apprentice for a small home birth practice on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Visit to learn about our practice, and follow links for contact.  1 year commitment required, unless special circumstances apply! 

Posted 11/16/12 Academic Preceptor.  If you are looking for an academic preceptor, please contact me. My name is Sue Turner and I opened my midwifery practice birth center/homebirth 17 years ago.  I have been a preceptor for NCM for eight years.  I really enjoy teaching and would like to assist you in getting your academics completed.  You can contact me via email at or phone me at my office (805)667-2229.

Posted 11/1/12 Exciting opportunity for a committed student to experience hands-on midwifery in a Birth Center setting!

We are offering a full 3 - 6 month scholarship to our internship program.  Candidates must be willing to start in November 2012 and must show:

A commitment to the Midwifery Model of Care
A desire to learn in the apprenticeship model and to acquire and practice new skills
Ability to work well with others and to work long hours when necessary

Inquiries welcome. Applications are available by calling 575-758-1216 or emailing

Please read about our educational program on our website and then email or call if you have any questions.  

Please share this widely. 

Northern New Mexico Birth Center
"friend" us on Taos BirthCenter on Facebook!

Posted 10/15/12 Senior Student wanted for live-in position at new Birth Center

Room and Board included in this 6 month senior apprentice position.  We are looking for that special someone who is ready to both lend a big hand to our amazing team of midwives as well as get the rest of her numbers signed off!  Ideal candidate has had enough clinical experience to be able to do most prenatal and labor skills independently.  This position is Jan - June 2013 in Grants Pass, OR. Check out our website at and please contact  our head midwife, Augustine at 541-840-0706

Posted 10/8/12 BirthJoy Midwifery LLC in Issaquah WA, 
is looking for a student midwife to join our team. We are a small solo practice. Your responsibilities will include the following: 2 days of Clinic/clinic preparation per week, on call 24 hours a day for births when clients are in dates, approx 1-3 per month.

This is a 6 month internship: October 2012– April 2013. 

To apply, please send your letter of application to e-mail

Posted 10/1/12Taking NARM CPM exam? This review course is for you. First offering will be January 18 (6-10P) & 19 (8A-6P), 2013. This 14 hour review course includes review on all content areas outlined in the NARM Candidate Information Bulletin and practice exams. Taught by Louana George, RN, LM, CPM, MA. Fee of $350.00 includes course, “Review Guide for the CPM Exam” book, and CEUs. To be held at 1385 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222. If you're coming from out of town accommodations can be found next door at the Courtyard Marriott 303 757 8797. To register contact me at:

This course will be available the 3rd weekend in January and July each year to coincide with the NARM exam dates.  If your group is interested but can’t come to Denver I will travel to your location.

Posted 9/13/12Oakland, CA birth center is seeking an advanced student (or new
midwife) of color.

Sacred Birth Place a birth center in Oakland, CA is seeking an advanced midwifery student of color for a short-term clinical internship this winter.  The ideal candidate would be available from approximately Nov 2012 – Feb 2012.  Shorter stints will be considered as long as availability includes Dec 2012.  The student should be enrolled in a California-approved MEAC-accredited school and at the stage of training where she is able to work as primary under supervision in all aspects of maternity care.  With demonstrated competency, she will have the opportunity to have NARM skills (including primaries) signed off.  Recent graduates are also welcome to apply—this a great opportunity to continue learning and gain experience with a busy practice in a diverse setting.

Email for more information and preceptor/training fee.  Those interested in applying, please include a short introduction.

Posted 8/15/2012

The LaFarge Medical Clinic is located in rural SW Wisconsin along with and Administrative Headquarters of Organic Valley currently has a one year midwifery internship opening. This is a unique opportunity for new midwives, who are CPM prepared, but are looking for a little more training before stepping out as an independent midwife. We work pretty much exclusively with the Plain population attending an average of 4-8 births a month. The clinic OB Program has expanded capabilities and providers attend a subset of Moms who would otherwise be risked out of home birth. You will gain experience in managing postpartum hemorrhage, IV therapy and participate in VBAC, breech and twin births as they come up as well as participate in prenatal care and learn basic ultrasound techniques. You will have the chance to work with a small group of midwives and family practice doctors who are believers in natural, low intervention/low tech birth and will give you the opportunity to manage many of the births under supervision. This is not a stand and watch opportunity. Interns are expected to learn the ropes quickly and their role is expanded rapidly limited only by their baseline ability and desire to learn.
If this sounds like an opportunity that you or someone you know may be interested in, please contact us for more information. Again, only midwives who have completed requirements to sit for their CPM exam need apply. Special consideration may be given if the candidate has previous healthcare experience.
Kate Jones LM, CPM 608-632-0833 or Lisa Varnes-Epstein PA-C, LM I look forward to hearing from you, and please pass on to anyone you know that may be interested.

Posted 7/9/12

Sacred Waters Birthing Center in Eugene Oregon, is seeking a wonderful CPM (a CPM & Oregon LDM is preferable).  We are looking for a two year commitment or longer. Candidates must be willing to relocate, and carry the work load of a primary midwife. Candidates should be fully committed to midwifery, self-directed and motivated. We are interested in midwives with organization skills and attention to detail, who get along well with others in both clinical and office settings. If this sounds like you, give us a jingle.

Please refer to our website for more information about us:

We are accepting applications at this time.


Anita Rojas CPM, LDM, contact person

Posted 6/21/12 - LifeReach International is offering practicums this Fall in Tanzania, East Africa. This program will provide skills acquisition & refinement, seminars for basic and post-basic training, as well as plenty of opportunities to get to know and experience birth in Tanzania!  Attached, please find a flyer with more details on the program and fees, along with an application.

Space is limited!  The first 20 applicants will have applications fees waived ($35). Apply early for other discounts by emailing your intent by June 23rd to  The cut off date for applications is August 15th, with deposits due by the 18th of August and balance due by September 1st. 

Katy Skarlatos; on behalf of; LifeReach International [] YWAM website: 

Posted 6/18/12

NARM Study Retreat Aug 6-11, 2012
6 Days in a retreat setting practicing for the NARM exam. Retreat led by Vicki Penwell, LM,CPM, NCM Faculty member who has successfully helped hundreds of students pass the NARM exam over the past 20 years. Practice tests, review, helpful hints, group dynamics, and emotional encouragement. Everything we do in these 6 days is  evidence-based  to help someone pass this multiple choice test, even if they suffer from test anxiety.Here is the link:

Locations and Dates of upcoming MEAC accredited Midwifery Volunteerism in Developing Countries seminars:

Posted 6/14/12

The Trillium Waterbirth Center in Medford Or seeks to hire a CNM (with any level of experience) immediatly

Applicants should:
have completed their CNM training and hold an RN and CNM license in a state with transfer ability to Oregon
a desire to work in an out-of-hospital setting
love of the childbearing year phases of a women (families) life
be committed to working in a team enviornment
have no open investigative process or judgements against them

Please contact our office manager Alison with your resume and cover letter.Thank you,
Augustine Colebrook, CPM, LM

Director, Trillium Waterbirth Center
Community Midwife, Wise Women Care Associates
Communications Coordinator, Oregon Midwifery Council
Co-Leader, Rogue Valley Holistic Moms Network
Member, Board of Directors, Medford Food CO-OP
400 Crater Lake Ave. Medford, OR 97504
P.O.Box 2 Medford, OR 97501
541-772-2291 office
541.840.0706 cell
541.245-0417 fax

Posted 6/14/12

Eastside Birth Center is currently seeking interns/student midwives to start summer 2012 and November 2012.  Your responsibilities include:  Clinic 2 days per week, charting, etc and to attend births for a busy practice.  We are a great site for learning.   
Because of the nature of our practice we are looking for interns who have some birth experience and who can give us a 12 mo commitment. If you are interested e-mail me at

Thanks, Andrea Henderson, LM, CPM, IBCLC

Posted 3/23/12 I am a CNM  have practiced home birth for over 40 years live now in Florida between Ford lauderdale and Miami If u need a tutor to help u get thrue this college u may contact me At 408 319 o201 or Ck on me at www Veronica

Posted 3/21/12 CPM Online Resource and Education (CORE) Center
"Green to Granny Midwifery Education"
I am a 2009 NCM associate degree graduate who also holds bachelor and master degrees.  I am currently offering local and at-a-distance academic preceptor services for the college’s associate, bachelor, and master programs.  Email me for more information at
Midwifery Practice Website:
Preceptor Website:
On Facebook:

Posted 3/16/12

"We are two graduates of the National College of Midwifery program, who currently hold CPM's and state licenses in New Mexico. We are now signing contracts for distance academic preceptorship and will be offering quarterly weekend intensives. Please contact us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you!" 
Phone: 575-224-0713
Facebook page link:

Posted 3/6/12

NARM Study Skills Intensive 8/10/12 and 8/11/12
8:00 am-4:00 pm both days
Test Preparation for all aspects of the test
Quizzes, Tests, and Test Taking Pointers
Class taught by Jeanne Anderson, LM, CPM and Sue Turner, LM
Class is taught at The Ventura Birth Center in Ventura, CA (3 miles from the ocean).
Class fee $450 per person, space limited.
Please contact for registration form and details either via email or phone: (805)256-5012 (805)427-1393

Posted 3/6/12

I am organizing a BEST workshop and NRP certification in Colorado Springs in June. Would you please pass this information on to the midwives and OOH birth attendants in northern New Mexico? Links below:

Pamela Crowl,BSM,CPM,RM

Posted 2/3/12

Seeking a midwife for birth center in Kerala, India Click Here for Job Description

For more information see: