Academic Courses

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Area I:Communications:
A001 ENG200G College Composition 4.0 ASM/BSM
A001 ENG202G Bus. & Prof. Communications 3.0 ASM/BSM
A001B ENG404 Writing & Presenting on Midwifery Projects 4.0 BSM
Area II: Mathematics  
B001 HON211G Statistics 3.0 ASM/BSM
B001 MATH112G College-Level Math 3.0 ASM/BSM
Area III: Laboratory Science   
C001 BIO120 Fetal Development 1.0 ASM/BSM
C001 BIO155G Anatomy and Physiology 4.0 ASM/BSM
C001 HON205G Applied Microbiology 3.0 ASM/BSM
C001 SOC102 Genetic Screening 1.0 ASM/BSM
C002 HON393G Community Health 3.0 ASM/BSM
C003 SCI122G Chemistry  3.0 ASM/BSM-CA 
Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences  
D001 HON223G Human Sexuality 3.0 ASM/BSM
D001 HON248G Cultural Issues 3.0 ASM/BSM
D001 PSY224 Communication & Counseling 1.0 ASM/BSM
D001 SOC104 Child Growth & Development  1.0 ASM/BSM-CA 
D002 HON225G Midwifery Ethics 2.0 ASM/BSM
HON390G Laws/Regulations 3.0 ASM/BSM
D002B HON450 Applied Topics in Midwifery Practice: Development of Policies & Procedures 4.0 BSM
Area V: Humanities & Fine Arts
E001 HON220G Midwifery Literature & Art 3.0 ASM/BSM
HON222G History of Midwifery 3.0 ASM/BSM
Area VI: Midwifery
F001   Antepartum 6.0  
  MW300 AP Basic Skills 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW301 AP Risk Screening 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW302 AP Physical Assessment 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW303 AP Provision of Care 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW304 AP Complications 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW308 AP Nutrition 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW305 AP Pharmacology 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW306 AP Diag Lab Tests&Procedures 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW307 AP Observation & Charting 0.5 ASM/BSM
F002   Intrapartum 6.0  
  MW320 IP Basic Skills 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW321 IP Risk Screening 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW322 IP Physical Assessment 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW323 IP Provision of Care 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW324 IP Complications 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW325 IP Pharmacology 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW326 IP Diag Lab Tests&Procedures 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW327 IP Observation & Charting 0.5 ASM/BSM
F003   Postpartum 6.0  
  MW340 PP Basic Skills 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW341 PP Risk Screening 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW342 PP Physical Assessment 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW343 PP Provision of Care 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW344 PP Complications 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW345 PP Pharmacology 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW346 PP Diag Lab Tests&Procedures 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW347 PP Observation & Charting 0.5 ASM/BSM
F004   Newborn 6.0  
  MW360 NB Basic Skills 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW361 NB Risk Screening 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW362 NB Physical Assessment 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW363 NB Provision of Care 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW364 NB Complications 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW365 NB Pharmacology 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW366 NB Diag Lab Tests&Procedures 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW367 NB Observation & Charting 0.5 ASM/BSM
F005   Well Woman 6.0  
  MW380 WW Family Planning 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW381 Well Woman Risk Screening 0.5 ASM/BSM
  MW382 WWPhysical Assessment 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW383 WWProvision of Care 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW385 WW Pharmacology 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW386 WW Diag LabTests&Procedures 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW387 WW Observation & Charting 0.5 ASM/BSM
F006   Topics in Midwifery    
  MW350 Out of Hospital Birth 3.0 ASM/BSM
  MW330 Perinatal Ed Incl Lactation 3.0 ASM/BSM
  MW250 Midwifery Protocols 1.0 ASM/BSM
  MW460 Evidence Based Practice in Midwifery Care 4.0 BSM
  MW400 Midwifery Research Methods 4.0 BSM

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Academic Documentation:

ASM Grade Sheet/Student Record Form

BSM Grade Sheet/Student Record Form


Resources for specific NCM Courses:

Part I: Please use documents entitled
Introduction to the scientific method
L. Cheney Lab 1
Part II: Please use documents entitled
Murphy, Patricia Aikins, and Albers, Sarah L. Evaluation of Research Studies. J. of Nurse Midwifery. Vol 37, No. 4. 1992.
Flint, Caroline. The Know Your Midwife Scheme.
Part III: Please use the documents entitled
Mehl-Madrona, Lewis and Morgaine. Physician and Midwife-Attended Home Births. J. of Nurse Midwifery. Vol 42, No. 2. 1997.
Cheyney Definitions-Mortality Statistics
Induction, Mosoprostol Controversy
Planned Home Births in BC, Janssen
Washington State Planned (Pang)
Part IV: Please use the documents entitled
Cheyney Spreadsheet
CMSC-MANA Stats Form

History of Midwifery:

Ortiz, Felina Mychelle. History of Midwifery in New Mexico: Partnership Between Curandera-parteras and the New Mexico Department of Health. J Midwifery Womens Health 2005;50:411–417 © 2005 by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

The History of Midwifery and Childbirth in America: A Time Line. Prepared by Adrian E. Feldhusen, Traditional Midwife. © 2000 Midwifery Today, Inc. All rights reserved

Jesucita Aragon from Mothering Magazine 1998.

Additional Optional Resources for Students of History of Midwifery

Out of Hospital Birth:

Planned Home Birth

Community Health:

Cook, Katsi. Article: Into Our Hands.

Business & Professional Communications:

Kaiser Permanente SBAR guidelines and worksheet documents.

Protocols & Laws and Regulations:

Instructions for completing the Emergency Transport/Transfer Form, Informed Consent Form and Practice Guidelines

Sample Emergency Transport Forms:

Sample Informed Consent Forms:

Midwifery Practice Guidelines:

Laws and Statutes Governing Midwifery: