NCM Preceptor

Use the office for assistance or questions at any time throughout your student's program: The NCM office is a great resource. Contact by email or by phone. Office hours are M-Th 9am-3pm MST (see phone number and email at the bottom of the page).

Step 1:

Review the Core Competencies for Midwifery instructors and Complete the Assessment:


Step 2:

Familiarize yourself with NCM administrative requirements:


Carefully review for instructions on satisfactory student progress, workflow and submissions of student work to the College

Step 3:

Agree with the student on timeline for completion:

Sample Course of Study &

Course of Study Worksheet

Use these to agree with the student on timeline for completion of the program, daily schedule, and what is expected of both the student and preceptor.

Step 4:

Use the teaching guides to ensure student competency:

NCM Teaching Guides for Academic, Clinical/NARM Skills, and Births

Outlines for Preceptors to clarify the order of presentation of the information and to identify the role of the preceptor and that of the student in all teaching and learning settings.

Preceptors should encourage Students to review these guides as well, and take an active role in their learning by understanding why they are being taught in a certain way and what their role is. This leads them to become better students, acting as useful assistants and evolving into competent future midwives.

Preceptor Guides to using NCM Academic Course Syllabi

Preceptor Guidance and Teaching Requirements

Instructions for NCM Clinical Requirements

Student Learning Styles

Step 5:

Understand NCM instructions, Rules & Guidelines:

Please refer to instructions and guidelines for each individual program on the academic syllabi, the clinical record forms, the NARM Skills form, etc. Also review the NCM Handbook and the Orientation. The newest versions of all these items are available for download from our website:

Additional Resources for Preceptors:

see links above

Work done prior to enrollment, or with someone who is not the student’s official NCM preceptor at the time the work was done will not be eligible to satisfy program requirements. In order for NCM to accept work done towards completion of any NCM program all of the following must be true when the work was done:
1. The student must be a Current Student with NCM.
2. The preceptor must be a Current Preceptor for NCM.
3. The student and preceptor must have a current approved and complete Contract between Student, Preceptor and the National College of Midwifery on file with NCM.
4. The student and preceptor must each have received notification from NCM acknowledging their relationship.

Please note: preceptors must maintain their state-required licensure/certification during all teaching supervisory activities for NCM students (see preceptor qualifications in NCM Catalog/Handbook).

Mastery of a clinical skill or Core Competency consists of the competent and confident provision of safe, evidence-based midwifery care for the individual Clinical Skills including: Etiology, sequelae, appropriate management and follow-up for the individual patient, appropriate times and reasons for consult and referral, access to relevant resources and information, complete, thorough and timely record keeping, appropriate, professional, and compassionate management of every task involved, receptiveness and responsiveness to patient's concerns, explanation of midwifery decisions and actions as they relate to possible outcomes and their wider impact, based on the Midwives Model of Care®.
Direct supervision: a circumstance of treatment in which the preceptor must be present on the premises to diagnose, authorize, and approve all work performed on the patient by the student/s.