BSM Bridge Program Orientation

Setting up your program of study:

Explore your NCM Disc/NCM Website and the NCM Handbook/Catalog - carefully review policies, instructions, and BSM program requirements.

Finalize scheduling with your Student or Preceptor including time-line for academic instruction and Chart Reviews.

Set up a Student Binder to keep organized, keep records and track completion of program requirements.

Sign up for a free Dropbox account (, and ask the NCM office to assign acces to your Portfolio Submission file.

Contact the NCM Office by phone or email if you have questions or need assistance.

BSM Organization

Keeping Track of Your Work

NCM Website

NCM's Disc or Website

Print out the record-keeping forms from your NCM Disc or the NCM website:barrow

~Student Record (for academic grades)
~Portfolio Submission Tracking Form
~Chart Review Forms Mw480 A, Mw480 B, & Mw480 C
~Student-Preceptor Evaluation Forms

NCM Student Binder

Create a Student Binder to keep track of all your important paperwork.

Include all the record-keeping forms above. It is also recommended to keep all College-related and backup paperwork such as Contracts with NCM and Preceptors, Correspondence with NCM and Preceptors, copies of any required client charts, NCM Instructions, etc.

Keep your forms up to date as you work throughout the trimester.

At the end of the trimester, fill in your Student-Preceptor Evaluations.


Send copies of the Student Record with Academic Grades, Updated Portfolio Submission Tracking Form, Updated forms MW480A, MW480B, & MW480C, and the Evaluations. The student retains the originals in her/his binder and continues to fill the forms in during the next trimester.


BSM End-of-Trimester Submissions:

The student sends an End-of-Trimester Submission to NCM
at the end of each trimester the student was active.

NCM Trimesters:
Spring (SP): January 1 - April 30th 
Summer (SU): May 1 - August 31.
Fall (FA): September 1 - December 31
Submissions should be made in one packet by regular mail (faxes and emails are not accepted) to:
National College of Midwifery
1041 Reed St, Suite C, Taos, NM 87571

Student should submit photocopies, and keep the originals for her/his files and to continue to update as he/she proceeds through the program.
Student Name should appear on every page submitted.
Preceptor Verification signatures with current date must appear on all official forms.
Work done prior to enrollment, or with someone who is not the student’s official NCM preceptor at the time the work was done will not be eligible to satisfy program requirements.

For more in-depth information, please refer to the NCM Handbook or call or email NCM:
Tel: (575) 758-8914

Always use the most updated versions of all program materials. These are available for download from the NCM website

Items to include in BSM End-of-Trimester Submissions:

1.BSM Student-Preceptor Evaluations:

NCM Student-Preceptor Evaluation form

This form is required at the end of each trimester in which the student was active. An evaluation form must be completed with each preceptor with whom the student worked during that trimester and must accompany any other work the student turns in.

The completion of Evaluation Forms by the student & preceptor together provides the opportunity to:
1. Articulate accomplishments and problems in your teaching or learning.
2. Voice satisfactions and challenges with one another.
3. Review your goals and develop plans for the coming trimester.

Additional optional forms allow for student and preceptor input into periodic and ongoing:
~Credit Value Assessment
~Evaluation of Services and Policies such as student admissions criteria, program resources, facilities, and services.
~Participation in comprehensive Curriculum review, development, implementation and evaluation.
~Other suggestions and comments.
~Notification to the College of changes in student /preceptor contact information.

2. BSM Academic Courses & Grades:

1. Read the Course Syllabus on the NCM Disc or NCM website
2. Complete the Learning Objectives
3. Preceptor Grades Course(grade must be 80% B- or higher)
4. Preceptor fills in the grade and date of evaluation
for the academic courses completed on the Student Record.
5.The Preceptor verifies the accuracy of the student record and grades with a dated verification signature at the bottom of the page.


Preceptor verification signature and date here-or anywhere on the bottom of the form (must be re-signed and dated by preceptor every time it is submitted to NCM)


3. BSM Portfolio:

Several projects completed in each of the the BSM-Focus courses must be submitted to NCM as part of a portfolio. These items are listed withing the Course Syllabi. Once they are completed and approved by your preceptor, you may submit these to NCM through Dropbox.


4. BSM-MW480: 10 Mentored Births


10 mentored births

This requires 1 clinical year past licensing or certification to include 10 births mentored by preceptor chart review. This requirement may be completed concurrently with enrollment in the BSM program. The BSM candidate thoroughly evaluates her/his anticipation of possible risks and provision of all areas of care for each of the 10 clients, identifies problems, and implements changes in her/his practice and methods to improve future care.The BSM candidate and mentoring preceptor together complete a chart review for each of the 10 births.

This is a Chart Review-The mentoring preceptor(s) need not attend the births.

1. Follow the Syllabus for 10 Mentored Births on the NCM Disc or NCM website.
2. Complete Form MW480-A: Chart Review Checklist for each of the 10 client charts
3. Complete Form MW480-B: Chart Review Objectives for each of the 10 client charts
4. Enter each completed chart review on Form MW480-C: Summary of Chart Reviews
5. Submit photocopies of these completed forms to the College at the end of each trimester

Ensuring that the work you do will count towards NCM BSM program requirements

(Information subject to change-please always refer to the updated NCM Handbook online)
Contacting the Office: Call or Email our office. We are happy to answer questions about your program. Our office hours are 10am-3pm Monday-Thursday MST.
Keeping in touch with NCM:

The College sends out regular updates via email. It is the student's responsibility to keep updated contact information with the college. This includes a working email address as well as current contact information on file with the College.

Student-Preceptor-NCM Relationships: Work done prior to enrollment, or with someone who is not the student’s official NCM preceptor at the time the work was done will not be eligible to satisfy program requirements. In order for NCM to accept work done towards completion of any NCM program all of the following must be true when the work was done:
1. The student must be a Current Student with NCM.
2. The preceptor must be a Current Preceptor for NCM.
3. The student and preceptor must have a current approved and complete Contract between Student, Preceptor and the National College of Midwifery on file with NCM.
4. The student and preceptor must each have received notification from NCM acknowledging their relationship.
Program Length & Completion: The BSM is a bridge program for Midwives holding College-Approved midwifery license or certification, which the student can complete between 1-5 years. Students who have not completed their programs after 3 years of enrollment are required to submit a plan of completion signed by both student and preceptor demonstrating how the student will complete the program in the remaining time. After 3 years the student will also be responsible for paying the annual MEAC accreditation fee until graduation
Textbooks: Textbooks on our reading list are not included in our package.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Midwifery Awarded: 

  1. When prerequisites are met
  2. When academic course, portfolio & program requirements are successfully completed
  3. All outstanding fees to The National College of Midwifery are paid
  4. All library books and videos are returned
  5. When the College has documentation of the above
Student Licensure after Graduation: Graduation does not guarantee midwifery licensure. It is each student's responsibility to keep current with the laws of the state or country in which they are studying and to fulfill the licensure requirements in the jurisdiction in which they plan to apply for licensure and practice.
Additional Requirements for Students in California: To satisfy the standards of the California Medical Board there are several additions to the regular course work for students planning to be practicing in California. The additional Learning Objectives are included in the pre-existing courses and can be completed using the regular texts.
NCM Accreditation and transferrablility of NCM credits: NCM is accredited by MEAC, The Midwifery Education Accreditation Council, a small, private accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education. Our course credits and degrees may not transfer to a state university or community college. Students anticipating the possibility of applying to any other college after NCM should check whether NCM credits will transfer to that institution.
NCM Licensure: NCM is licensed as a Postsecondary Institution by the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education.