Additional Requriements for ASM:

These forms are required by NCM for graduation from the ASM program. They are a sample of what the student plans to use in future practice. These items must satisfy the requirements of both NARM and for the state in which the student plans to practice in the future. The student must NEVER indicate that she/he is a midwife prior to actual attainment of midwifery licensure or certification.

1. All students must now attend a meeting of a midwife/health-focused organization or become a member prior to graduation (requriement within Community Health course)

2. Emergency Transport/Transfer Forms:

Click here for detailed instructions on Emergency Transport/Transfer Forms

(This form is generally completed by the student in Module 8-MW250-Midwifery Protocols course). See samples below:

Florida Emergency Transport Form

California Informed Disclosure and Care Outline

NARM Sample Emergency Transport Form

3. Informed Consent Forms:

Click here for detailed instructions on Informed Consent Forms

(This form is generally completed by the student in Module 8- HON390G: Midwifery Laws & Regulations course). See samples below:

NARM Sample Informed Consent Form

NARM Requiements for Informed Consent Forms

California Disclosure Form Outline

4. Midwifery Practice Guidelines:

Save a tree! Do not send a copy of the actual state midwifery practice guidelines as we already have a copy or can look them up online, just send us a letter telling us which ones you use:

To satisfy this requirement, the student must write an official letter to NCM letting us know which state's Midwifery Practice Guidelines you are requried to practice under. The purpose of your letter is to let us know which guidelines you verify that you work under. If you will be practicing midwifery in a state that does not have official practice guidelines for midwifery, then your letter will let us know which practice guidelines from a state (in which midwifery is regulated), you will be using.

Laws and Statutes Governing Midwifery:

New Mexico



MANA page with links to many more state's midwifery laws: