ASM Evaluations

All forms must be printed out, signed and dated, and sent with the end-of-trimester submission to NCM by mail.

Form Description

Student-Preceptor Evaluation Form


This form is required at the end of each trimester in which the student was active. An evaluation form must be completed with each preceptor with whom the student worked during that trimester and must accompany any other work the student turns in.
Credit Value Assessment Form Course Credit Value Assessment - Did the amount of time needed for the student to complete each course meet the time requirement stated on the syllabus? (1 Academic Credit=15 hours Formal Study + 30 Hours Informal Study)
Services & Policies Evaluation Form Complete this if you have any recommendations for NCM Services & Policies
Curriculum Evaluation & Review Form Complete this if you have any recommendations for the NCM courses you have worked on with your student.
Information Change Form Complete this if there are any changes to your contact info, name, etc.
Suggestions or Comments Form Complete this if you have additional comments or suggestions.
Complaints See Complaints section of NCM Catalog/Handbook