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Continuing Education Opportunities for Midwifery Educators:
AME's MEAC-approved continuing education series for midwives and educators

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"We must remove barriers to midwifery education in order to improve outcomes for mothers and babies."



ASM-Associate of Science in Midwifery

Become a Direct-Entry Midwife! The ASM Program is the foundation for midwifery skills. It includes care for mother and baby from Well-Woman through Post Partum care. It is divided into clinical and academic components.

The ASM Program at the National College of Midwifery allows students to earn a degree in Direct Entry Midwifery and readies them to sit for state or national licensing/certification. Traditionally, midwifery students learned at the side of an experienced midwife in an apprenticeship. Our goal with the ASM program is to support this apprenticeship model of midwifery education, and be flexible enough to suit most educational settings:

Please see the NCM Handbook / Catalog for more details on program rules and requirements
Please see the NCM Orientation for explanation of program structure
Please see the COURSE MATERIALS on the menu on the left of this page

Student and Preceptor Enrollment:
Please see the Enrollment section of the NCM Handbook / Catalog.

ASM Student applicants are required to find their own academic / clinical preceptors. The National College of Midwifery does not supply academic / clinical placements for students. 
ASM Students must have at least two preceptors in order to enroll in and complete the program.  Preceptors can teach both academic and clinical portions of the program.  Please note that although only one preceptor is needed for the academics, at least two preceptors are required to complete the clinical portion of the program, as several of the NARM skills require the evaluation of two different preceptors.

In order for NCM to accept work done towards completion of any NCM program all of the following must be true when the work was done:
1. The student must be a Current Student with NCM.
2. The preceptor must be a Current Preceptor for NCM.
3. The student and preceptor must have a current approved and complete Contract between Student, Preceptor and the National College of Midwifery on file with NCM.
4. The student and preceptor must each have received notification from NCM acknowledging their relationship.

112.88 (116.88 for California Requirements : To satisfy the standards of the California Medical Board there are a few additions to the regular coursework. )

The ASM is a three-year equivalent program, which can be completed from 2 to 5 years.
Please review the Sample Course of Study

High School Diploma or GED.

Academic Requirements:
Please see the NCM Handbook / Catalog (link above) for a list of all course requirements and for course descriptions

80 Academic Credits (84 for California Students)
Math & Human Life Science (12 credit hours):
BIO155G -Anatomy and Physiology 4
BIO120-Fetal Development 1
SOC102-Genetic Screening 1
HON205G-Applied Microbiology 3
MATH112G-Fundamental Math 3
California Students (must complete an additional 4 credits):
MOD1-SCI102G-Chemistry 3
MOD2-SOC104-Child Growth & Development 1
Critical Thinking & Psychosocial Issues (14 credit hours):
PSY224-Communication & Counseling 1
HON248G-Cultural Issues 3
HON223G-Evolution of Human Sexuality 3
MW350-Perinatal Ed Including Lactation 3
ENG200G-Analytical Writing 4
MW 300 Antepartum Management (6 credit hours): 
MW300-AP Basic Skills 1
MW300-AP Risk Screening 0.5
MW300-AP Physical Assessment 0.5
MW300-AP Provision of Care 1
MW300-AP Complications 0.5
MW300-AP Pharmacology 1
MW300-AP Nutrition 0.5
MW300-AP Diagnostic Lab Tests & Procedures 0.5
MW300-AP Observation & Charting 0.5
MW300-AP- CPR  0
MW 320 Intrapartum Management (6 credit hours):
MW320-IP Basic Skills 1
MW320-IP Risk Screening 1
MW320-IP Physical Assessment 0.5
MW320-IP Provision of Care 1
MW320-IP Complications 1
MW320-IP Pharmacology 0.5
MW320-IP Diagnostic Lab Tests & Procedures 0.5
MW320-IP Observation & Charting 0.5
MW 340 Postpartum Management (6 credit hours):
MW340-PP Basic Skills 1
MW340-PP Risk Screening 1
MW340-PP Physical Assessment 0.5
MW340-PP Provision of Care 1
MW340-PP Complications 1
MW340-PP Pharmacology 0.5
MW340-PP Diagnostic Lab Tests & Procedures 0.5
MW340-PP Observation & Charting 0.5
MW 360 Newborn Management (6 credit hours):
MW360-NB Basic Skills 1
MW360-NB Risk Screening 1
MW360-NB Physical Assessment 1
MW360-NB Complications 1
MW360-NB Provision of Care 0.5
MW360-NB Pharmacology 0.5
MW360-NB Diagnostic Lab Tests & Procedures 0.5
MW360-NB Observation & Charting 0.5
MW360-NB NRP -Neonatal Resuscitation 0
MW 380 Well-Woman Reproductive Health Care (6 credit hours):                                              
MW380-WW Risk Screening 0.5
MW380-WWPhysical Assessment 1
MW380-WWProvision of Care 1
MW380-WW Diagnostic Lab Tests & Procedures 1
MW380-WW Family Planning 1
MW380-WW Pharmacology 1
MW380-WW Observation & Charting 0.5
Professional Issues (24 credit hours):  
HON222G-History of Midwifery 3
HON225G-Ethics 2
HON390G-Laws/Regulations 3
MW250-Protocols 1
HON393G-Community Health 3
MW350-Out of Hospital Birth 3
ENG202G-Bus. & Prof. Communications 3
HON211G-Statistics 3
HON220G-Midwifery Literature & Art 3

The following items completed during the HON390G-Laws & Regulations and MW250-Protocols Courses must be submitted electronically on disc to the College:

  1. Informed Consent Form
  2. Emergency Transfer Plan Form
  3. Practice Guidelines

Clinical Requirements:

10 Births as Observer
Assists Under Supervision:
3 Initial Prenatal Assists
22 Prenatals Assists
20 Birth Assists
20 Newborn Exam Assists
10 Postpartum Exam Assists
Primaries Under Supervision:
30 Well Woman / Family Planning
20 Initial Visits
55 Prenatals
25 Birth as Primary
20 Newborn Exams
40 Postpartum Exams
5 NARM Continuities of Care: 5 of the 20 Delivery Newborn & Placenta as Primary must be for women for whom the student has provided primary care. All of these 5 Births as Primary Under Supervision must include Full Continuity. Each must include 5 prenatals spanning 2 trimesters, the birth, newborn exam, and 2 postpartum exams.
10 NARM Out of Hospital Births: 10 of the Births as Primary Under Supervision must be in an out of hospital setting, and must occur within 3 years of taking the NARM Exam.
NARM Clinical Skills (151 Clinical Skills practiced and completed to mastery throughout both academic and clinical training)


Paying for the Program:

Fees Paid Directly to the College: Students must pay the application and administrative fee upon enrollment. The National College of Midwifery does not offer payment plans.
Application Fee: $100 (Non-Refundable, paid upon application)
Administrative Fee: $4,900 (One-time fee, paid at enrollment)
Accreditation Fees: Estimated cost $450 per year for each year of enrollment beyond 3 years.
Additional expenses:
Tuition: Students and their preceptor(s) make whatever financial agreements they wish, provided evidence of an agreement is filed with NCM.  The student pays tuition (if any) directly to the preceptor.  NCM suggests $500 per month.
Textbooks: Students are not required to own the books required for the courses, but must find access to them.  NCM does not sell books, and the books required for courses are not included in NCM’s administrative fee. Many students are able to find the books used at a discounted price, or can borrow from their preceptors. Estimated Cost: $2000 (used) $2600 (new). Click Here for the NCM Booklist
Midwifery Equipment: Students are not required to own midwifery equipment, but must have access to it through their preceptors.  Some preceptors may require that students possess some or all of their own midwifery equipment. Costs of equipment vary.
General Education Requirements: NCM highly recommend that you complete these courses prior to enrollment but it is not required.
General education courses for 3 credits of Math and 4 credits of English are not offered through NCM.   Students may take the courses at an accredited college or university, or online source.  California ASM students must complete an additional 3 credits of Chemistry and 1 credit of Early Childhood Development. All ASM students are required to be certified in CPR & NRP. The costs for these are the responsibility of the student, and are variable.
Required Outside Examination for ASM Degree, such as the NARM or ACNM Exam:
Most of our ASM students sit for the NARM exam at the end of their program.  Exam and certification fees are paid by the student.  Please check directly with these organizations for their current costs. Click Here to see NARM Requirements for MEAC Graduates (NARM Website)

Payments made to the National College of Midwifery are not tax deductible and NCM does not issue 1098T forms. We do not qualify as an eligible educational institution because we are not eligible to participate in the Dept of Education’s student aid programs. Please refer to IRS Publication 970.

Financial Aid / Student Loans: The National College of Midwifery does not have any financial aid or student loans available at this time. Our students are not able to apply for federal or state grants and loans because we are not a Title IV school.

Refunds: Please see NCM Handbook/Catalog.

Outside Examination:
Passing an outside examination is a requirement for the issuance of The Associate of Science in Midwifery (ASM) degree.  The candidate must submit evidence of successful completion of a state midwifery licensing examination, a state midwifery association examination, or a national midwifery examination.  The student is responsible for all expenses, requirements and prerequisites for taking outside exams.

Associate of Science in Midwifery Degree Awarded:

  1. When prerequisites are met
  2. When skills, clinical and academic course requirements are successfully completed
  3. When outside examination is successfully completed
  4. All outstanding fees to The National College of Midwifery are paid
  5. All library books and videos are returned
  6. When the College has documentation of the above

Certificate in Midwifery Awarded:
When the student completes all requirements but does not take or fails the outside examination.

Midwifery Licensure/Certification Post Graduation:
Graduation does not guarantee midwifery licensure. It is each student's responsibility to keep current with the laws of the state or country in which they are studying and to fulfill the licensure requirements in the jurisdiction in which they plan to apply for licensure and practice. The National College of Midwifery does NOT provide job placement.